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Family-Friendly Center for Civil and Human Rights Opens in Atlanta

My children were among the “skimmers.” Buzzing on sugar from the all-you-can-drink tasting room at the World of Coca-Cola next door, they stood gazing up at a life-size “villain” Idi Amin, the late brutal despot of Uganda, and “defender” Dr. Denis Mukwege of the Congo, a leading voice on ending violence against women in times of armed conflict.

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Tips for Raising Globally Aware Kids

The closest my children ever came to understanding life in a refugee camp was the Thanksgiving we hosted a college student who had grown up in one. Senia was studying to become a doctor so she could someday bring much-needed medical skills back to her home – an isolated Sahrawi refugee camp in the harsh […]

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Dispatches from the Road: A Travelog of True Stories

Two decades ago, an encounter with a now-famous global trailblazer helped point me on a path of international travel from which I’ve never looked back…

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Words of Wisdom From Another “Year To Live” Adventurer … in 1938

This essay was written by a 17-year old in 1938. It’s a passionate look at the 5 things the young man wants from life before he dies … Doing something truly great; friendship; travel; love; and — yes — even sorrow.

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