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Family-Friendly Center for Civil and Human Rights Opens in Atlanta

My children were among the "skimmers." Buzzing on sugar from the all-you-can-drink tasting room at the World of Coca-Cola next door, they stood gazing up at a life-size "villain" Idi Amin, the late brutal despot of Uganda, and "defender" Dr. Denis Mukwege of the Congo, a leading voice on...

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Tips for Raising Globally Aware Kids

The closest my children ever came to understanding life in a refugee camp was the Thanksgiving we hosted a college student who had grown up in one. Senia was studying to become a doctor so she could someday bring much-needed medical skills back to her home – an isolated...

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Dispatches from the Road: A Travelog of True Stories

Two decades ago, an encounter with a now-famous global trailblazer helped point me on a path of international travel from which I’ve never looked back...

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City 2.0: On the Death of Paolo Soleri

Yesterday’s news of the death of Paolo Soleri — the visionary architect, builder, artist, writer and theorist — put me in mind of our family visit last month to Arcosanti, Soleri’s urban experiment in the desert of Arizona. Sixty five miles north of Phoenix, Arcosanti was described by NEWSWEEK...

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Talking to Strangers

“You did not talk to her,” my 9-year-old said incredulously. “Not only did I talk to her,” I retorted, “I asked if I could videotape her.” I had just run into the woman my son refers to as “Goooo Vegan.”  Our local post office has incomprehensibly long lines, and...

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Mid-Life, Spas and Getting Unstuck

After college, my friend Lisa and I packed two enormous duffel-bags full of our belongings and moved to Japan. One of my favorite attempts to absorb Japanese culture was bathing at the local onsen -- a public bath complete with hot, medium and freezing tubs of water. ...

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The Day I Disrobed at the Museum

I realize this title might sound a bit provocative, like the outcome of a game of Truth or Dare gone terribly awry. But this month I participated in museum-sanctioned nakedness and submerged myself in a one-of-a-kind exhibit dubbed the Giant Psycho Tank — a sensory deprivation pool of heavily...

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Lessons from Mile Marker 11

Bright and early this morning, my 8-year-old son and I walked over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn for our annual NYC Marathon ritual. This fall rite involves hot chocolate for him and a cappuccino for me as we stake our positions in a patch of sunlight near the 11th...

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