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What would you do with one year to live?

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The Nine Contemplations on Death

The nine contemplations on death come from an 11th century Buddhist scholar. They are meant to help us explore the inevitability of death. This week, I'm trying an experiment in which I read the 9 contemplations to myself before I sit for ten minutes of quiet reflection.

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The Logistics of Dying Well: Health Care Proxy, Living Will & Organ Donation

Ugh. Paperwork. We're not even exempt from it while we're preparing to die. When our "Year to Live" teachers announced that our assignment for the month is to fill out our advance directives, I felt irritated. Kind of the way I feel as April...

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Words of Wisdom From Another “Year To Live” Adventurer … in 1938

This essay was written by a 17-year old in 1938. It's a passionate look at the 5 things the young man wants from life before he dies ... Doing something truly great; friendship; travel; love; and — yes — even sorrow.

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