A New Journey (Or Two)

The amazing baby shower!

Hello, dear readers of Year to Live.

This month marks a year since my one year to live project came to an end.  And a year since my close childhood friend Marisa died of metastatic breast cancer.

I continue to be grateful for everyone who came along with me on this journey and for all of the comments – some on the blog, but many more off-line – that kept me inspired throughout that year.  The number one lesson I learned is that engaging in the topic of death unequivocally made me live life more fully.

I have some good news to share!  I’ve just come back from Marisa’s brother & sister-in-law’s baby shower.  Marisa would have been an amazing aunt to this little one, and I like to imagine her smiling at all of us.   The holidays will be a little easier this year.

All my best,


Ps – to read about Marisa’s final year and all I learned from her courageous journey, please visit this piece I wrote for “Modern Loss”

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4 responses to “A New Journey (Or Two)”

  1. winsomebella says:

    Looking forward to following you on the new blog.

  2. I definitely want to cross over from death which inspired life to the new blog. I feel excited by your going on.. the writing that illumines our lives.

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